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A Tention

The title of this project means “tension”. I wish to transfer my emotion to audience by the melody and the transformation that expand and shrink following a gloomy melody.

It is a great challenge to me because I never touch with coding something, no back ground on me totally, even the Maya, the 3D software. I start learning Maya and Python at the same time in Pratt.

For this project, I started with a Idea that to work for my personal shot animation in which there was a buddha’s glow behind its head. The glow will vary when the emotion-tone of the story changed with a same emotional melody.  According professor Liubo’s teaching, I got the method of distill the melody track and transform it to the code. Then , I can use Python to manage and edit it, which made me achieve my goals. However I find another way to pick up the melody code. That was using the After effect plugin.  For the editing of the python language, I focus on how to use python to control the rhythm and varying size. For example, I design three kind of ranges to distinguish the different volume in numerical value. On the other hand, I used Zbrush to sculpt nine models and used blend shade connect each others and adjust the animation for each blend shade animation.

In addition, I created a digital-volume patten below the white transformer, and it also could expand and change with different colors and levels following the same melody. I organised the melody sequence code and distinguish with five level, It is unified with the white transformer’s rhythm. Moreover, the point (digital-volume patten) could be a coordinate of the white transformer when the white transformer almost disappeared.

Nevertheless, some of the auto-transformation is not good enough, so I used the Python to set the keyframe including the blend-shapes’ controlling and the extent of each blend shape I set.


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