This character is from an old Chinese ancient-costume game named Xuan Yuan Jian- Tian Zhi Heng (轩辕剑-天之痕). The character’s name is Tuo Ba Yu-er (拓跋玉儿). She is exactly vital in every old Chinese player’s heart. Besides, this game was the top Chinese RPG, which included a affecting story, affluent roles with vivid personalities and Chinese traditional visual style of ink and aural musical melody. It is a best original and initial Chinese game in my mind.

Moreover, there was a teleplay of the same name, Xuan Yuan Jian- Tian Zhi Heng (轩辕剑-天之痕), recently. Liu Shishi (刘诗诗) performed the main character, Tuo Ba Yu-er. The teleplay was different from the original story of the game, so it is third-class and the special-effects production was terrible even so fake and unprofessional. However, the Shishi‘s performance was so gripping and animated that she restored the original nature of Yu-er. In addition, Shishi held some particular qualities any others didn’t have. The expression in her eyes of crying always touched my heart and I think the pair of eyes are not belong to a actor who is just  24 years old. They were deep, emotional and lively. Second, actually Shishi’s feature is not outstanding in China but people could always experience that kind of issue in personal basic emotions from Shishi‘s performance. Her strength is lay on herself act and expression instead of a beautiful face like most of actresses. I admire you.

Shishi, I could not say that you are the most hot actress in China but I want to support that you are the most studious, struggling and potential one in my heart. I can predict that you will be a shining star in your performing career, so now I give this artwork to you for encouraging.”


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