I created this picture originally cause HEMAN, I enjoyed this cartoon greatly. And then, I put my good friend a pretty girl into this picture as a creature of HEMAN and her old sister , which was just to remember the friendship, and I supposed it must be interesting and fantasy. I admire Heman because he has a mystical power and he could turn into a hero to save his people, country and anything else which should be save. In his world, bad always is bad, good also still good, so it’s different from the real world I think. Today, a big power maybe a military might or a macht who has, that might not be a good, just because we are the humen being! Everything has two sides that’s good and bad, both can change each other historically. I think that a way of peace and healing are always correct. So use your power for right, please! For people, for future, for the only earth.




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