During the Vacation, feel really warm when saw those familiar faces at home, I know grandparents are extremely expecting my return that my grandpa was so pleased even forget his favorite wine and cigarette, and there is always a smile hanging in the face of my father. My grandma got up early everyday to bring me my favorite dumplings. I read from them that even I grown up now, but still that little boy in their eyes, so little that has to have dumplings at home, and needs my grandpa’s allowance…They were expressing their unsophisticated love for me.

When I was young, my grandpa used to give me one or two RMB each day as pin money, which was used in playing video games in secret. Playing video games was not allowed, but he always kept it for me for my Dad caught me in playing video games, he definitely would give me a good lesson. My Dad is such kind of man who does not like to share his feelings with others. I sometimes wish to ride him for a while instead of riding by him, but this obstinate man always refused and indicated I should sit on the back of the bike. I am still the boy, always sitting on the back of his bike.

This animation is focus on the details and is my precious memory.

Detail shows love.

That being said you only live once and I try to bring more fun and possibly funny to those I loved. This graduation project is the respectfully praise for my family.



ya-er / Bud from Dupp on Vimeo.


Also, please use these links to watch video:




Interview: Zhou Tao Storytelling of Nanjing TV station 


 Talkshow: Story Club of Jiangsu Radio Story/AM585



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